Communities United For Peace


Jacqueline Indhira Rojas has a Master’s degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Governance and Rights from The New School Graduate Program in International Affairs. She received her Bachelor’s degree in 2011 from Bloomfield College with a major in Political Science with a concentration in Public Policy. Jacqueline has four years of experience in field research on the topic of human rights abuses and peacebuilding in Latin America, with a special focus on Chile, Colombia and Peru. Her passion for human rights began when her mother routinely told her stories of the Peruvian conflict while growing up. Jacqueline’s parents were also abducted by the Shining Path in the 1980s.  Having learned her parent’s frustration for her country’s failed attempts to protect victims of the conflict, Jacqueline decided to travel and learn more about the vulnerable population in Chile, Honduras, Peru and Colombia. Her research focus within the theme of conflict/post conflict is indigenous groups, refugees, women and the youth. Jacqueline is currently using her skills, working for the organization, Human Rights First, in the Refugee Representation program assisting asylum seekers. Jacqueline’s desire to conduct oral history and more fully understand the social implications that the conflict has brought to each individual is something she wants to continue in her future career.