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Photo by Jillian White 

Photo by Jillian White 

Public engagement through the exhibition

It is our final week in Pácora and we are thrilled that everything came together for our final execution. Our photo and testimony exhibition was a successful event. We are very happy that the mayor's office contributed for the transportation and food. Community members from the outskirts of the town were able to come to our event. They also saw each other for the first time and many children have not visited the Cultural House before. Everyone was so happy to see photos of themselves and/or photos of the town. Many children did not believe it was photos of Pácora's scenery. They thought it was another country. The children also participated and were the center of the event. They sang songs and recited poems to the audience. Finally, we gave thanks to community members for all their support. We were very sad to leave the next day.